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QR Codes 101

Those mysterious squares you may have seen on Android-related sites will not all turn into Mayan demons in 2012 (I don’t think). At least until then, they serve as a no-typing method of getting links to the new apps you see featured in Technorati’s Essential Android Apps reviews.


QR Code for Technorati.com

These barcode squares are called “QR codes” and store information such as URLs. QR (Quick Response) codes are  two-dimensional bar codes (also known as matrix codes) that are mainly used to let mobile phones read information with their cameras. They are most commonly used in Japan, but now are seen in many parts of the world and in many businesses. They can be found in such large-scale manufacturing as vehicle assembly, but more often in objects such as magazines, on signs, buses, and business cards. Anywhere a business wants to gets its message across, a QR often works better and faster than a URL or even a bar code. But how do you read them?

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