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Grammar of the Selfie

There is a problem with selfies and grammar.

Margaret and I did our first selfie in 2009

Margaret and I did our first selfie in 2009

“Selfies”, for those of you over the age of 75, are self-portraits taken with a cell phone, usually with an arm extended or more recently with an attachment for extending one’s reach called a selfie-stick.

When one takes a picture of one’s self, then, certainly, “selfie” would be the proper term. However, when two people together engage in this activity, a more descriptive term would be “us-ie”. This should not be confused with the word “hussy”, which is the look it seems many young girls go for when engaging in this form of photography.

Then there is the variation in which there are three or more people in the photograph. So here we must move on to the more descriptive plural – and for the sake of easy pronunciation – it should be called the “we-wie”.

So, get out there and take pictures with your friends, and happy we-wie-ing.

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