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Epiphany in Golden Flames on the IS Wall

(Originally published on blogcritics.org)

I had an IS epiphany today (an epiphanis?).

While walking past the door of one of the other two IS departments where I work, it appeared written in golden flames on the wall before me.

The technological sophistication of the users an IS department supports is directly proportional to the quality of service that an IS department provides.

wallI interpret the fiery script: If an IS group supports users who know little about tech, (e.g., mechanics, electricians) there is the temptation to just say, “No, you can’t do that” or “That’ll have to wait till the new release in 18 months” without fear of contradiction.

If, however, the IS group supports technologically sophisticated users (scientists, accountants), then the likelihood that a lame excuse will be accepted is quite low.

The Moral: If you want better service from your IS department, become a more knowledgeable user. You’ll need less help and the help you receive will be better. Hit the books and the blogs. Gaining tech cred is a win-win proposition.

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